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Online Embroidery Digitizing

Online embroidery digitizing is taking over the market with its high demand. As the online stores have been getting embraced in this pandemic, when you can’t go out due to lockdown and you need embroidery digitizing or logo embroidery on your jacket or shirt, etc., we care for you and your needs, because our online embroidery digitizing services provide you with the best quality within your range. You don’t have to go out and look for embroidery digitizing stores around you, with no certainty if they even supply the right quality products; we have made it convenient for you to order it online with a surety of the phenomenal quality product.

Blackrock Digitizing is the best-selling brand you would come across. It is working in Australia since 2012 and is a renowned company. We provide remarkable customer service with an exceptional quality product. Also, you won’t have to go through the bargaining process as our services are reasonably affordable at reasonable prices. Providing you with the file within 12 working hours is our priority. Blackrock Digitizing will prove itself the best online embroidery digitizing company you would ever choose. We are only one tap away!

We have made it a lot more convenient for you to place the order, and our dealings will surely satisfy the customer, as customer satisfaction has always been our priority. You can quickly fill the order form with size and specifications. We make sure to verify the modifications through e-mail and in case of any issue, we edit the file and retrieve the order. Right after you make payments, we start working on your item to get back to you, as soon as possible. Our digitizers are highly expert, and they diligently work on the instructions given by the customer.

Embroidery Digitizing Software

We use the best embroidery digitizing advanced software wilcom to provide the best product. We own 95% embroidery digitizing skills, 90% vector art, and 85% applique digitization. In the same case of vector service, the customer provides their low-resolution image, logo, etc. and we will convert into a high vector file. Our service is to do embroidery digitizing work like customer provide their image, logo, etc. and we transform into a digitizing file format like PES, DST, or any other format. We process urgent orders with no extra money and guarantee a definite money-back if the product doesn’t satisfy the client, and it goes for every kind of order.

Our customer satisfaction level is high, with 100% precise quality, the fastest response time, and unbeatable prices because these customers are the reason for these successful eight years into the online embroidery digitizing business.

Embroidery Digitizing


You don’t need to look further because Blackrock Digitizing is the most satisfactory company for embroidery digitizing. We are fair with all our dealings; you won’t find any better online embroidery digitization outlet other than Blackrock digitizing. Our digitized embroidery designs will satisfy all of your requirements. Embroidery digitizing is used all over the continent, and everywhere we go, it has taken an enormous turn toward the top trends and success.

Blackrock Digitizing provides the best digitizing services in the digitizing world with a team of skillful, experienced, and the most professional digitizers. We offer you cap digitizing, applique digitizing, towel digitizing, 3D puff digitizing, jacket back digitizing, and gloves digitizing. In simple words, we offer you everything you are looking for, and we assure you that you won’t be disappointed by our services. We are offering the best price, the best digitizing & vector service, and we provide all format files.

Logo Embroidery Digitizing

Online embroidery digitizing

Blackrock digitizing offers you a platform to avail the opportunity of getting reliable logo embroidery service, at a fairly reasonable price. Your logo is your identity, doesn’t matter on which scale the company is running, the logo represents the company. We all are conscious when it comes to the logo; it should not be defective because no one compromises on the quality of logos. Logo embroidery is one of the highly demanded business in the market these days. We offer highly professional outpost embroidery digitizing services at a fair cost. Our customers can always rely on us for the best quality business logos, and we have still got their back. Blackrock digitizing is indeed the best known for logo embroidery.

Why choose Blackrock Digitizing?

  • Blackrock Digitizing provides you with free quotes for digitization along with a free stitch count.
  • We provide the first 5000 stitches free, for the chest and cap logo.
  • We guarantee a definite money-back in case of dissatisfaction with the client.
  • Blackrock Digitizing never compromises the quality of the work we provide.
  • We provide you with the best quality, even on urgent orders without any extra payment.
  • We only appoint experts and professional digitizers who are exceptional in their work of embroidery digitizing, logo embroidery, and vector art.
  • Professional customer service team that will be there for you in case of any inquiry.
  • There are other online embroidery digitizing companies as well, but we deliver the order within the given deadline.
  • You won’t find any language barriers when dealing with Blackrock digitizing.

What to be careful about?

  • Make sure that the digitizer is an expert in the way he plans his work, and If he’s an expert in digitizing, he will know how he is going to work on the said task and will satisfy you with his planning. 
  • The digitizer should be the best at its work; it’s an underlay that tells if the digitizer was a beginner or a professional. Underlay should be done with perfection.
  • Make sure to have a look at the clients’ reviews before placing your order.
  • Choose Blackrock digitizing for online embroidery digitizing to avoid any business forgery. You can have a look at their portfolio as well.

Final thoughts

Most of us don’t trust online businesses, explicitly shopping, as they often turn out to be scams or business forgeries. Sometimes online shopping sites turn out to be just quack as their products are nothing compared to what they advertise, and customers get highly disappointed. But we assure you that Blackrock Digitizing is best at its work and experts, it will be the best online embroidery digitizing company you could ever run into, for embroidery digitizing service.

For Professional Embroidery Digitizing Services, you can contact us and get a free quote.

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