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Economical Pricing

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Premium Work

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Left Chest Logo
Logo Digitizing

At Blackrock Digitizing, we provide top-notch embroidery digitizing services for T-shirts, advanced clothing, and uniforms. Our state-of-the-art logo embroidery software, Wilcom, enables us to deliver exceptional results on the left chest.

Cap Logo
Cap Digitizing

Blackrock Digitizing is renowned for its highly popular Cap Embroidery Digitizing Service. With the latest cap embroidery scanning technology, we offer unmatched versatility and affordability. 

Sleeve Design
Sleeve Digitizing

At Blackrock Digitizing, we take pride in our incredible sleeve digitizing services that exude professionalism. Sleeve digitizing has become an art form embraced by individuals seeking personalized expression. 

Jacketback Design

For cost-effective yet high-quality jacket back digitizing services, look no further than Blackrock Digitizing. Our team of skilled digitizers ensures professional results without straining your budget. 

Glove Design
Gloves Digitizing

At Blackrock Digitizing, we specialize in transforming our designs into highly effective custom glove digitized embroidery designs. Our skilled team meticulously incorporates the client’s provided details, ensuring a perfect match. 

Vector graphics, also known as “draw graphics,” are a crucial aspect of digital design. The definition of vector graphics may seem complex, but it essentially refers to graphic files that utilize mathematical algorithms. This unique characteristic enables vector images to be scaled without compromising their quality. By choosing vector graphics, you can easily resize images while maintaining superior graphic quality.

When utilizing design software like Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, or CorelDRAW, you have the ability to create vector graphics. However, if you create an image in Adobe Photoshop or similar programs, you are working with a bitmap graphic, which lacks the benefits of vectorization. Unlike bitmap graphics, vector graphics maintain their sharpness and clarity at any level of magnification, ensuring a smooth and professional appearance.

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Seamless and Swift: Streamlined Online Ordering for Embroidery Digitizing and Vector Art

Place Order
Place Order

Complete the order form with the image logo and size specifications. Once you make the payment, we will begin working on your order.


Our digitizers will change the design to the appropriate formats with the highest digitization expertise, and we act upon the instructions sent by you.

Quality Check
Quality Check

The team will review the plans to prepare the final circuit of the quality parameters like you to send files by email.


Check it and safely. As for you, do not use your hand to enter credit card information all the time. Buy all over the world.

Order Delivery​​
Order Delivery

We will send files by email; you can verify files and request modifications, size changes. We will edit the file to retrieve them.

Showcasing Our Craftsmanship: Impressive Samples of Embroidery Digitizing and Vector Artwork

Delighting Our Clients: Testimonials of Quick Delivery and Satisfaction for Embroidery Digitizing and Vector Art Services

Towel Digitizing

Towel Digitizing

Blackrock Digitizing did a great job for me. I was very impressed with the design of the towels, they looked very professional.

Brendan Marshall

Embroidery Digitizing Services

Embroidery Digitizing Services

I have met many companies that provide embroidery digitizing services. However, none of its services can be compared to the precise and detailed work done by Blackrock Digitizing.

Zulis Hud

Applique Digitizing

Blackrock Digitizing has exceeded my expectations in terms of customer service and quality of work.

Aileen Cappa

3D Puff Digitizing

3D Puff Digitizing

Professional and fast services are always provided. Thank you so much.

Martha Ma

Cap Digitizing

Cap Digitizing

Thank you very much for your help!!

Stephen Warczak


Best Digitizing Service

Blackrock Digitizing has been our favorite digitizer for the past 5 years. We can depend on Blackrock to provide us with fast service, superior digitization and affordable prices.

Igor Fedotov

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