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Custom Digitizing Service

It is believed that what you wear reflects on your personality; it defines your creativity and your taste. What you wear should be something attractive and could enhance your persona. Blackrock Digitizing has resolved that issue for you by offering you custom embroidery digitizing service within your range with the team of all experts and professionals to avoid any flaws and errors. Providing you with the best quality has always been our priority.

Custom Digitizing Service at Blackrock Digitizing

Blackrock digitizing provides a premium quality service with the most experienced team and we are one of the top-ranked companies, here in Australia, we are devoted to making your designs perfect, giving a new life to the images provided by you. In the world of custom digitizing service, it is very much essential to originate the given design with absolute perfection, and it can’t be done without a team of professionals. As custom embroidery digitizing services are ruling the market these days, a company needs to make it is custom digitizing service stand out from others. 

Blackrock Digitizing has been working for eight years to fulfil your demands, with its highly experienced and professional team to provide you with the best of our custom digitizing services. However, we don’t compromise on the quality of the product and deliver it as per the requirements. We can relate to our clients and understand what they have asked for. Because having the client’s trust is all that a company wants, and we still work on it to make our custom digitizing services better and better.

We acknowledge your trust and reviews as they matter a lot to us and your feedback is the only thing that keeps us going, your faith is a valuable asset for us, and we try our level best to come up to your expectations, especially when it comes to our custom digitizing service.

Custom Embroidery

We all tend to buy things that catch our eye with their unique and attractive look, but it’s the quality of the item and its distinctive design that truly makes us repurchase the same thing the second time. We offer you to get any design or image embroidered, that you want with a 100% surety of high-quality.

Our quality and speed will amaze you, as we have a team of all professionals and experts. Our products won’t cost you much as you can go for custom embroidery at a fair price.

It doesn’t matter, if you want a custom embroidery or logo, we supply you anything that you wish to, and promise to give you a remarkable outcome. We assure you that you won’t find any outlet better than Blackrock Digitizing because the custom embroidery services that we provide are extraordinary.

Custom Digitizing

The Standard of a digitized file depends on the caliber of the equipment that is being used for digitizing them. You can get any design or image digitized; even if it’s your image, polaroid scenery, or a cartoon, we will get it digitized for you. Custom digitizing can be done on your shirts, cardigans, or even on the table mats and for showpieces as well. Hence, custom digitizing service is quite versatile with a vast range of digitized items.

We all want everything to be perfect, no one compromises on the quality, and no one tolerates the minor flaws. To avoid any errors, you need to go for the company that is reliable enough to be trusted with the designs. Because when you want your products to turn out great, you go for the most trustworthy outlet. To avoid any blunder, choose the company wisely. Blackrock digitizing will come up to your expectations and won’t disappoint you. Custom digitizing requires a professional team, and we have got that settled. We provide you with what you need at an affordable cost.

Digitizing Software

We use the most authentic digitizing software wilcom to give you the best quality product. It has been the top-ranked software for 40 years and introduce new updates from time to time to enhance its features and continues to improve the capabilities of the software. 

Why Blackrock Digitizing is recommended?

  • 4 to 6 Hours Turnaround Time
  • We run the file through different phases for the quality check after making sure of their authenticity. Which specifically marks the acceptable quality of our custom digitizing service.
  • We have made the payment method convenient and secured, with no privacy breach.
  • Blackrock Digitizing offers you to get any image or design customized; you have to send it along with specifications, we will filter it and digitize it as per your instructions.
  • We use the most reliable and authentic software to keep up with the advancement and give you the best products.
  • Money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction with the client.
  • We take urgent orders without any extra charges and get back to you within the deadline.

How do I place an order?

The order method of blackrock digitizing is very convenient; you have to fill an order form with your desired design, size, and specifications. We start working on your file, right after the payment clearance. Our digitizers convert the given designs into appropriate formats with the crew of high digitization expertise. We send you the files through e-mail, and you can verify the size and modifications, we retrieve the order in case of any errors and edit it according to your demands. 


With the high demand for custom embroidery digitizing services, it is essential to keep up with the quality and come up with the client’s expectations. Blackrock digitizing has got it resolved; we provide our customers with extraordinarily best quality and we make sure to satisfy our clients with our services. All of our products are of remarkable quality. Either it is custom embroidery or digitizing we have got your back and e guarantee you that you will come to us again for the digitizing business. You won’t regret trusting us. You can also have a look at our portfolio to understand better what we promise to deliver.

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